Baby Eliza – Newborn session.


I received a message late Tuesday night from a new mother who was desperate to get some newborn photographs of her little girl – whilst she was still actually a newborn. I’ve known Emily for years and as luck would have it, she lives only a minute away from me.

The session started out only for me to realise I had made a ridiculously rookie error. I’d wanted a full battery for my camera whilst we went away and had left the battery at home. Eeeks!! Though it was no big issue because luckily she lives on the next street. I will be double checking my battery from now on! ha ha

Once, I’d grabbed my battery (professionalism at its best eh! ha) we got on with the shoot. Eliza was slightly annoyed with my presence I think, I’d interrupted her much loved cuddles with mummy. But after a bit of sweet talking and flattery about how gorgeously long her eyelashes are, she gave me her prettiest poses and let me shoot away. She truly was a pleasure to photograph.



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