Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: First of a series. – Commercial photography.

I’m absolutely loving the collaborations I’ve been working on recently, one of the fantastic people I’m working with is Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep repeat. She is so fiercely creative and in all honesty, a bit of a super woman, what with two children, running a house, blogging AND running her business! Seriously, I don’t know how she does it all! Anyway, back to the shoot. I obviously can’t give too much away what with it being her content and stuff, but I can tell you what she’s already mentioned. And that this is the first in a series of sessions, all revolving around our shared hometown. For our first session, we hit the Townhouse coffee and brew bar – which FIY I had never been to before!- it is a little piece of heaven, its energising yet tranquil, simplistic but cosy, its such a beautiful little space away from the bustle of city life and I’m so glad Morgana introduced me to it. If you’re local and wanting to check this place out, its up on Friargate, next door to the posh hairdressers. Ha ha.

Anyway, you can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

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