Family lifestyle photography

Family lifestyle sessions for me, are a dream to work on. Its how I started in the photography business, its what I’m most experienced at and its what I love to work on the most. Candid family lifestyle photography is a fairly new concept over here in the UK, and unlike the studio settings, with the twitching lipped smiles, frozen limbs and the plain back drops, you get to just breath.

For those not in the know, Candid photography is defined simply as “a form of sharp-focus photography that captures images of raw, candid human emotion in ‘real-life’ situations.” Wether it be a day trip to the beach, a family BBQ, a stroll through the woods or even a rainy day indoors. I want to capture your family in the most natural and un-intrusive way possible.

My aim from the very beginning has been to find the balance between keeping you relaxed enough to be your authentic self and exciting you with the brilliance of our session. So after using the seasons as a guide and deciding from one of the  many gorgeous nearby locations, we’ll start with a quick chat amongst everyone who’s attending, and from there I shoot nothing but what is actually happening. Its candid, its real, its beautiful. And the end results with be a collection of unique and- most importantly- genuine family memories.