Halloween tester shoot. – Personal projects.


Just a heads up, I LOVE halloween. Seriously, I just do. Every year I go more over the top than the last, every year I step up my halloween game and this year is no different! This year is set to be my best Halloween yet, not only have a planned the most incredible party for our annual Halloween gathering. But this year, I’ve also organised to do a full days worth of halloween mini-sessions (you’ll get to see how that all turned out on Tuesday.) Anyway, for this day of mini-sessions, I wanted to finally have a go using smoke bombs. And after weeks of research I finally put in an order for some Enola Gaye ones. They’ve been given brilliant reviews, and after having a practice last night with mischance and Izzy, I can confirm, they are BRILL!

So, last night, Mischa and Izzy had their first school Halloween disco, it was pretty perfect timing actually, it meant I got to dress them up, and have a practice at the location and using a smoke bomb before Saturday comes around. I am so happy with how they turned out! And I can’t wait to see how tomorrows turns out!

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