Mireya turns 1 month! – Milestone session.


Yesterday I headed over to my sisters house to take some milestone photographs of my gorgeous little niece, how has it been one whole month since I watched (and photographed) her coming into the world?! She really is the most precious little bundle of joy – though I may be slightly biased because I’ve been completely and utterly in love with her since the second she came into the world!  I love how easily she’s come to terms with the fact that Auntie bob will pretty much ALWAYS have a camera snapping away at her, she’s such a little poser!
Yesterdays shoot will be the start of a year long collection of milestone shoots, each one will be themed to match the seasons and for her first birthday I plan on gathering them all together – along with her birth photographs – and creating a hardback photo book. As you can tell, with her first month being August we’ve gone for Summer blooms.



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