Morgana: Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. – Commercial photography.

As a blogger myself, I understand completely how important photography is. Which is why when I was planning a collaboration with someone local, it seemed too perfect to meet up with a fellow blogger. The first one to come to mind, was of course the lovely Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. Her own photography is really very good, but I know she’s had real trouble getting photographs of herself, that she likes! Thats where I stepped in. We have a few of these little collaborations planned, but this weeks was a ‘look book’ style shoot marking the beginning of Autumn. At our pre-shoot meeting, we both agreed, to stay clear of the usual leaf filled background – as lovely as it is – instead opting for the fresh yet atmospheric backdrop of a late September day at the beach. I truly did love doing this shoot, I love the colours Morgana chose to wear, I love those little details, how here hair whipped about in the wind, the boldness of her jewellery against the mustard of her jumper. There’s just so many things I love. One thing I didn’t love however, was the mini heart attack I had when the tide came in way quicker than expected and nearly washed our bags away. luckily everything in my camera bag was un-harmed. That would have been a disaster!

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

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