Poppy turns 4! – A beach session.


I spent Wednesday morning praying that the grey that covered every inch of the sky would clear off! As luck would have it, by our 11am meeting time, the skies above the beach were blue and crisp!
For this session, I got to meet Little Poppy – who turns four next week- And her big sister Lilly. For this shoot, I wanted a little birthday-ness in there, but ultimately, it was all about embracing the beautiful Summers day by the sea with these two lovely little girls.
As you can tell, Poppy was just made to be by the sea-side, with her golden hair and bright blue eyes, she made my job remarkably easy! Especially seen as my props just didn’t want to play along with that coastal breeze! Massive thank you Laura for letting me take such beautiful photographs of her girls!


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