BabyLoved Event- Commercial photography.


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the BabyLoved event in Houghton village hall. I caught up with Event host Helen over a cuppa a month or so prior whilst she told me all about all the planning it takes and everything she has in mind for the event. I was initially struck by how determined Helen was, to some the event might just be seen as a way to sell off any pre-loved baby stuff, but as I saw on the day, its SO much more than that. From quirky bedroom decor, to insta-perfect jumpers and Tee’s, homemade cakes and even story telling workshops with the coolest children books. This event was anything but a standard “sell your old baby clothes” set up. It really was not only a pleasure to attend, but a joy to photograph. I met so many fantastic fellow small business owners, each and every one of them putting all of their love into their wares. Thanks for inviting me Helen!

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: Preston coffee shop series (3/3)- Commercial photography.

Today I’m sharing another shoot with the fabulous Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. Its the last in her Preston coffee shop series, and it is a beauty! Brucciannis located on Fishergate in Preston city centre is a treasure. I dont think many of us native Prestonians can remember it not existing! With its glamorous interiors, expansive cake collection and truly – one of the best fry ups in Preston! Its definitely a place to visit, and soon – because Christmas is coming up & one of the most festive experiences you’ll have will be to sit in one their window booths, with a cup of tea a on cold winters day, Christmas decorations everywhere, People watching amongst the gentle lull of Christmas songs. Perfect!.

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: An afternoon at home – Commercial photography.

Today I’m sharing another shoot with the fabulous Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. A couple of weeks ago she invited me over to her -extremely instagrammable- home for a lovely session. We drank tea and chatted, we pottered round her house discussing angles and light, moving furniture here there and everywhere. It was very creative morning and here you can find the outcome.

You can also find Morgana’s blog post, for fashion clothing brand Joanie featuring our shoot here. 

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: Preston coffee shop series – Commercial photography.

Today I’m sharing another shoot with the fabulous Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. This gal is certainly keeping me busy at the moment! A few posts back I mentioned how we had shot a collection of images around our shared home town, well todays session is the second one in the collection and was shot at the delightful Ham & Jam. A truly lovely little coffee shop, that does the tastiest and cheapest tea in the whole of Preston – seriously, they even have pots of honey, which is so rare round here! Its also, of course one of the most instagrammable places the city! A must visit place if you haven’t been yet.

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: The harris Museum. – Commercial photography.

I’ve been so lucky to work so much with Morgana recently, Its just brilliant to not only have the work coming in, but more to be able to work wth someone who is creative, who has a vision when it comes to our shoots. I’ve certainly lucked out. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we hit The harris museum in Preston for the backdrop to our shoot. And what a backdrop it is!

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: First of a series. – Commercial photography.

I’m absolutely loving the collaborations I’ve been working on recently, one of the fantastic people I’m working with is Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep repeat. She is so fiercely creative and in all honesty, a bit of a super woman, what with two children, running a house, blogging AND running her business! Seriously, I don’t know how she does it all! Anyway, back to the shoot. I obviously can’t give too much away what with it being her content and stuff, but I can tell you what she’s already mentioned. And that this is the first in a series of sessions, all revolving around our shared hometown. For our first session, we hit the Townhouse coffee and brew bar – which FIY I had never been to before!- it is a little piece of heaven, its energising yet tranquil, simplistic but cosy, its such a beautiful little space away from the bustle of city life and I’m so glad Morgana introduced me to it. If you’re local and wanting to check this place out, its up on Friargate, next door to the posh hairdressers. Ha ha.

Anyway, you can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Mini madams. – Commercial photography.

Last week I headed over to Parr fold park in Manchester, for a very exciting children wear shoot! Its been something hats been planned for a while now, but after finally settling on a date that would work for everyone, we rallied the troops and created our very own photo shoot in the park. Rebecca (owner of Mini-madams) has a very specific taste, and she had a very specific vibe she wanted from her photographs. In our pre-session meeting, she described her vision of her brand as being like the old weathers original advert. You know the little girl in the old fashioned sweet shop? I absolutely knew what she meant straight away! Mini madams is described as being traditional, not in the over the top sense we’re used to seeing when we read that word, but in a much more simplistic way. The children’s clothes and accessories she sources are so authentic, its very 30’s,  very Shirley Hughes, the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Knee high socks and bonnets. Gorgeous dresses and knitwear. It was an absolute pleasure to help Rebecca bring her vision to life, though I can assure you we’re not done yet.

You can shop Mini madams Here, or head over to her Facebook or Instagram page.

Morgana: Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. – Commercial photography.

As a blogger myself, I understand completely how important photography is. Which is why when I was planning a collaboration with someone local, it seemed too perfect to meet up with a fellow blogger. The first one to come to mind, was of course the lovely Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. Her own photography is really very good, but I know she’s had real trouble getting photographs of herself, that she likes! Thats where I stepped in. We have a few of these little collaborations planned, but this weeks was a ‘look book’ style shoot marking the beginning of Autumn. At our pre-shoot meeting, we both agreed, to stay clear of the usual leaf filled background – as lovely as it is – instead opting for the fresh yet atmospheric backdrop of a late September day at the beach. I truly did love doing this shoot, I love the colours Morgana chose to wear, I love those little details, how here hair whipped about in the wind, the boldness of her jewellery against the mustard of her jumper. There’s just so many things I love. One thing I didn’t love however, was the mini heart attack I had when the tide came in way quicker than expected and nearly washed our bags away. luckily everything in my camera bag was un-harmed. That would have been a disaster!

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

The health shack. – Commercial photography.

I’ve worked with The health shack briefly earlier on in the summer and I’m a major lover of their breaded chicken and sweet potato fries, so it was a delight to head over there yesterday to shoot their new meal plan menu. Absolutely everything had been prepared to perfection from their very talented chef, and it all looked and smelled delicious, even the salmon, and I’m not a lover of fish at all!

Maz’s cake hut – Commercial photography.

Late last week, I headed over to the lovely Maz’s (Of Maz’s Cake Hut and The Baking Mumma) I took round my full set up and we planned to take lots of shots to help start her catalog of cake collection. She worked tirelessly last week to have all of her bakes ready for our shoot, and I think you’ll agree they look AMAZING! She really is so talented, and the nicest person! It was a pleasure to help her with her commercial photography needs.