A new family bubble: Baby Autumn – Family lifestyle.


A couple of weeks ago I was invited into the home of the lovely ‘Griffiths’ family. Mum Lucy and dad Russ, had just welcomed beautiful little bebe Autumn into the world and wanted some memories capturing. It was a joy to photograph this family and big brother George did amazing well in front of the camera. Its always so nice being around these little babies, they’re usually very quiet and relaxed, I leave a session feeling so calm. Thanks for having me Griffiths family.



Mireya turns 1 month! – Milestone session.


Yesterday I headed over to my sisters house to take some milestone photographs of my gorgeous little niece, how has it been one whole month since I watched (and photographed) her coming into the world?! She really is the most precious little bundle of joy – though I may be slightly biased because I’ve been completely and utterly in love with her since the second she came into the world!  I love how easily she’s come to terms with the fact that Auntie bob will pretty much ALWAYS have a camera snapping away at her, she’s such a little poser!
Yesterdays shoot will be the start of a year long collection of milestone shoots, each one will be themed to match the seasons and for her first birthday I plan on gathering them all together – along with her birth photographs – and creating a hardback photo book. As you can tell, with her first month being August we’ve gone for Summer blooms.




Bringing home baby Hope – Fresh 48 session.


Yesterday I was really lucky to be given half an hour of this lovely families time. Jade, Martin and very proud big sister Faith have just welcomed this adorable little bundle named Hope! It can all be very hectic for those first few days of bringing home a new baby, but I was immediately hit with how calm and cosy it was when walking into their home. Faith was brilliant with her little sister & baby hope made absolutely no fuss through the whole session. Thank you again to the Chester family for letting me photograph such a special time & massive congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!





Charlie’s birth – My first (and probably last) birth session.


So very early hours of this morning, after what seems like an eternity of waiting by the phone. I raced down to Royal Preston Hospital, camera gear ready and I shot my very first birth. Birth is a perculiar thing, often the only birth we’ll witness is with our own children – unless your me who was out cold for both! – but standing back and watching this life changing event unfold for someone else is the most incredible experience. Even more so when the mother to be is my beautiful, brave sister. And this fresh newborn is my tiny little niece! I created a full album from this session, though only these few images will make it on to the internet -for obvious reasons! It was after all a very personal experience.


“To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word miracle – Paul Carvel”