Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: First of a series. – Commercial photography.

I’m absolutely loving the collaborations I’ve been working on recently, one of the fantastic people I’m working with is Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep repeat. She is so fiercely creative and in all honesty, a bit of a super woman, what with two children, running a house, blogging AND running her business! Seriously, I don’t know how she does it all! Anyway, back to the shoot. I obviously can’t give too much away what with it being her content and stuff, but I can tell you what she’s already mentioned. And that this is the first in a series of sessions, all revolving around our shared hometown. For our first session, we hit the Townhouse coffee and brew bar – which FIY I had never been to before!- it is a little piece of heaven, its energising yet tranquil, simplistic but cosy, its such a beautiful little space away from the bustle of city life and I’m so glad Morgana introduced me to it. If you’re local and wanting to check this place out, its up on Friargate, next door to the posh hairdressers. Ha ha.

Anyway, you can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Mini madams. – Commercial photography.

Last week I headed over to Parr fold park in Manchester, for a very exciting children wear shoot! Its been something hats been planned for a while now, but after finally settling on a date that would work for everyone, we rallied the troops and created our very own photo shoot in the park. Rebecca (owner of Mini-madams) has a very specific taste, and she had a very specific vibe she wanted from her photographs. In our pre-session meeting, she described her vision of her brand as being like the old weathers original advert. You know the little girl in the old fashioned sweet shop? I absolutely knew what she meant straight away! Mini madams is described as being traditional, not in the over the top sense we’re used to seeing when we read that word, but in a much more simplistic way. The children’s clothes and accessories she sources are so authentic, its very 30’s,  very Shirley Hughes, the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Knee high socks and bonnets. Gorgeous dresses and knitwear. It was an absolute pleasure to help Rebecca bring her vision to life, though I can assure you we’re not done yet.

You can shop Mini madams Here, or head over to her Facebook or Instagram page.

Fiona, Michael & Sebastian – The first family session of Autumn.


With Summer over, its time to move with the seasons into Autumn. For the first of Autumns family seasons, I got to meet up with the lovely Turner family. Fiona, Michael and Sebastian were a joy to photograph, we met in a woodlands local to them – which was actually brilliant because it helped them feel much more comfortable – And little Sebastian wasted no time jumping in those muddy puddles, gathering sticks and roaming through the brambles. It was a really beautiful session to be a part of, and such a wonderful family to watch together. All in all, a brilliant way to start the Autumn off.


Morgana: Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. – Commercial photography.

As a blogger myself, I understand completely how important photography is. Which is why when I was planning a collaboration with someone local, it seemed too perfect to meet up with a fellow blogger. The first one to come to mind, was of course the lovely Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. Her own photography is really very good, but I know she’s had real trouble getting photographs of herself, that she likes! Thats where I stepped in. We have a few of these little collaborations planned, but this weeks was a ‘look book’ style shoot marking the beginning of Autumn. At our pre-shoot meeting, we both agreed, to stay clear of the usual leaf filled background – as lovely as it is – instead opting for the fresh yet atmospheric backdrop of a late September day at the beach. I truly did love doing this shoot, I love the colours Morgana chose to wear, I love those little details, how here hair whipped about in the wind, the boldness of her jewellery against the mustard of her jumper. There’s just so many things I love. One thing I didn’t love however, was the mini heart attack I had when the tide came in way quicker than expected and nearly washed our bags away. luckily everything in my camera bag was un-harmed. That would have been a disaster!

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Sarah, Lewis, Joe & poppy – A family session at Brockholes.


On Saturday afternoon, I met up with Sarah (my competition winner) and her lovely family at Brockholes for the last family session of the Sumer. It was scheduled to rain for most of the day, but after a little gentle praying to Mother Nature it turned out be a beautiful sunny day. I absolutely loved this session, for so many reasons. It was set in one of my favourite places to shoot, everyone was so relaxed and Joe was an absolute little superstar through the whole thing! I was delighted to hear afterwards that he loved our session so much, he wanted to go back with “the lady with the camera”. Thank you so much Sarah & Lewis. I’m so glad you love your photographs as much as do.


The health shack. – Commercial photography.

I’ve worked with The health shack briefly earlier on in the summer and I’m a major lover of their breaded chicken and sweet potato fries, so it was a delight to head over there yesterday to shoot their new meal plan menu. Absolutely everything had been prepared to perfection from their very talented chef, and it all looked and smelled delicious, even the salmon, and I’m not a lover of fish at all!

Eliza turns 1 month! – Milestone session.


It seems like only a few days ago I was round photographing this little poppet as a newborn, but yet here I was yesterday morning shooting her 1 month milestone session! She’s grown so much already, and is already becoming so alert. Eliza is warming to me I think, at our first meeting she cried for quite a while, but during this session, she had a little whimper before settling her gaze on my camera and eventually drifting completely to sleep. I’m so excited to be building up a collection of these images as she grows and I can’t wait to gather them all after her first birthday. Thank you Emily , for another lovely shoot! x


Last day of the Summer holidays.


So, Monday morning started pretty slow. I made croissants and tea, we sat at the kitchen table with the radio on, just enjoying that last morning of relaxation before the school year restarted. I headed off to a session for a little while, leaving the girls playing, before we spent the afternoon at the Trafford centre. I’d been promising the girls for ages that we’d go to the build a bear workshop there, and as I only passed my driving test a couple of months ago, I hadn’t quite yet built up the courage for a long drive on the motorway. However after our summer glamping, Im not really that scared of being on there anymore! so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get up there. The girls were so excited to pick their new cuddly best friends, and I have to say the whole experience was pretty heart warming. The staff there are so great with the kids, they are really involved with the whole process of building their bear. From peddling the stuffing in, to kissing their heart before its placed inside the bear, even to naming and creating a birth certificate for their new friend. It was lovely! The plan is to take them back at then end of each half term, if they have been given a good report, they get to choose a new accessory. win-win.

So, after that little adventure, we had a stroll, went to the food court for lunch, before rocking home to get their school uniforms named and set out. It really was a lovely way to spend the last day of the holidays.

Maz’s cake hut – Commercial photography.

Late last week, I headed over to the lovely Maz’s (Of Maz’s Cake Hut and The Baking Mumma) I took round my full set up and we planned to take lots of shots to help start her catalog of cake collection. She worked tirelessly last week to have all of her bakes ready for our shoot, and I think you’ll agree they look AMAZING! She really is so talented, and the nicest person! It was a pleasure to help her with her commercial photography needs.


Baby Eliza – Newborn session.


I received a message late Tuesday night from a new mother who was desperate to get some newborn photographs of her little girl – whilst she was still actually a newborn. I’ve known Emily for years and as luck would have it, she lives only a minute away from me.

The session started out only for me to realise I had made a ridiculously rookie error. I’d wanted a full battery for my camera whilst we went away and had left the battery at home. Eeeks!! Though it was no big issue because luckily she lives on the next street. I will be double checking my battery from now on! ha ha

Once, I’d grabbed my battery (professionalism at its best eh! ha) we got on with the shoot. Eliza was slightly annoyed with my presence I think, I’d interrupted her much loved cuddles with mummy. But after a bit of sweet talking and flattery about how gorgeously long her eyelashes are, she gave me her prettiest poses and let me shoot away. She truly was a pleasure to photograph.