The start of Christmas – A trip to Barton grange. – Personal projects.


Its very nearly here. The season of all that is festive! I have to admit, I’ve been known to jump the gun when it comes to Christmas, however I’ve now learnt that if I prolong the start, wait until the 1st until I get those decorations up – then I skip peaking to early, I’ve had years when I’ve had the decorations up for most of November, but had them all pulled down on Boxing Day. It really is all about preserving that spirit & condensing it into those three weeks from the beginning of December. HOWEVER If like me you plan to get so many festive activities done this Christmas season, you’ve obviously gotta’ start a little early, which is what we did this weekend – kicking it all of with a trip to everyones favourite garden centre – Barton grange. I have to confess, I wasn’t feeling this trip all to much after an early morning session and a day full of running errands, I just couldn’t shift the monster of all headaches. I managed to grab some pretty lovely shots though!


Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: An afternoon at home – Commercial photography.

Today I’m sharing another shoot with the fabulous Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. A couple of weeks ago she invited me over to her -extremely instagrammable- home for a lovely session. We drank tea and chatted, we pottered round her house discussing angles and light, moving furniture here there and everywhere. It was very creative morning and here you can find the outcome.

You can also find Morgana’s blog post, for fashion clothing brand Joanie featuring our shoot here. 

Home life project: A lazy-ish Sunday & Bonfire night.


I mentioned a couple of months ago that I take part in a monthly photography project called the Home life project, hosted by my friend Clare over at Maybush studio. This weekend was Novembers edition, to which I documented yesterday – which was also Bonfire night!

You can find the full post over on mum blog page The little woman pretends. 

Halloween mini-session day – Family lifestyle.


I have been planning this day for weeks, the last week planning frantically, making sure every little detail has been taken care off. Well, last Saturday it happened, I hosted my first mini-session day and I think I can say, genuinely it was a brilliant success. It was freezing and it rained most of the day, but it didn’t stop the constant stream of excited kids all dressed up and ready to shoot. Honestly, it was just so absolutely brilliant, and I can’t wait to do it again! The day started off with  me going through my supplies, double and triple checking that I had everything packed. My sister/assistant for the day turned up just after half 10 and we set off over to the location. The first thing that needed to happen was a giant clean up, it was just full of crap people had dumped. Anyway, once everything had been tidied up, we set to work creating the back drop and before I knew it our first session group had arrived! We had a couple of minor hiccups through the day, nothing major but pretty much all of them revolved around the smoke bombs! Just when we thought we had it all figured out, the wind would change direction and leave me with a face full of smoke!

Anyway, long story short, I had an absolute blast, and from the feedback I’ve received since, so did everyone who came, which was everything I wanted. Massive thank you to all the children and parents for their efforts on Saturday. I’ll keep you all updated about my next one!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween tester shoot. – Personal projects.


Just a heads up, I LOVE halloween. Seriously, I just do. Every year I go more over the top than the last, every year I step up my halloween game and this year is no different! This year is set to be my best Halloween yet, not only have a planned the most incredible party for our annual Halloween gathering. But this year, I’ve also organised to do a full days worth of halloween mini-sessions (you’ll get to see how that all turned out on Tuesday.) Anyway, for this day of mini-sessions, I wanted to finally have a go using smoke bombs. And after weeks of research I finally put in an order for some Enola Gaye ones. They’ve been given brilliant reviews, and after having a practice last night with mischance and Izzy, I can confirm, they are BRILL!

So, last night, Mischa and Izzy had their first school Halloween disco, it was pretty perfect timing actually, it meant I got to dress them up, and have a practice at the location and using a smoke bomb before Saturday comes around. I am so happy with how they turned out! And I can’t wait to see how tomorrows turns out!

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: Preston coffee shop series – Commercial photography.

Today I’m sharing another shoot with the fabulous Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. This gal is certainly keeping me busy at the moment! A few posts back I mentioned how we had shot a collection of images around our shared home town, well todays session is the second one in the collection and was shot at the delightful Ham & Jam. A truly lovely little coffee shop, that does the tastiest and cheapest tea in the whole of Preston – seriously, they even have pots of honey, which is so rare round here! Its also, of course one of the most instagrammable places the city! A must visit place if you haven’t been yet.

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: The harris Museum. – Commercial photography.

I’ve been so lucky to work so much with Morgana recently, Its just brilliant to not only have the work coming in, but more to be able to work wth someone who is creative, who has a vision when it comes to our shoots. I’ve certainly lucked out. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we hit The harris museum in Preston for the backdrop to our shoot. And what a backdrop it is!

You can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here. 

Eliza turns 2 months! – Milestone session.


Month two of this little loves milestone package! It seems like just yesterday I was in taking her newborn photographs. Eliza was a little restless this month, though we did manage to grab some gorgeous shots before she wanted more cuddles of mummy. I’m really going to have to step up my game next month if I’m to get some good shots of her. I’m hoping we get some smiles next time.


An autumn bike ride.


I mentioned a couple of months ago that I take part in a monthly photography project called the Home life project, hosted by my friend Clare over at Maybush studio. This weekend was Octobers edition, and we headed out on a bike ride. I like to make a point on a Sunday to get out of the house and on a walk. Though this weekend was slightly manic, we still managed it. You can find the full collection of Home life project posts over on my blog The little woman pretends.

Coffee, work, sleep, repeat: First of a series. – Commercial photography.

I’m absolutely loving the collaborations I’ve been working on recently, one of the fantastic people I’m working with is Morgana of Coffee, work, sleep repeat. She is so fiercely creative and in all honesty, a bit of a super woman, what with two children, running a house, blogging AND running her business! Seriously, I don’t know how she does it all! Anyway, back to the shoot. I obviously can’t give too much away what with it being her content and stuff, but I can tell you what she’s already mentioned. And that this is the first in a series of sessions, all revolving around our shared hometown. For our first session, we hit the Townhouse coffee and brew bar – which FIY I had never been to before!- it is a little piece of heaven, its energising yet tranquil, simplistic but cosy, its such a beautiful little space away from the bustle of city life and I’m so glad Morgana introduced me to it. If you’re local and wanting to check this place out, its up on Friargate, next door to the posh hairdressers. Ha ha.

Anyway, you can find Morgana’s blog post, featuring our shoot here.