Shannon, Harry & Lilly – A day at the beach.


I was really lucky to grab half an our of this adorable little families time last weekend. We headed up to one of the more remote beaches up in Lytham for a very summery mini-shoot. Little Lilly was slightly apprehensive of me and my big camera at first, but she soon settled once I asked if she’d like to go for a splash in the water. She really is such a little character!


Euxton golf park – Commercial photography.

I was offered the opportunity to take some commercial photographs for Euxton Park Golf Centre new website, Tim & Jodie have a brilliant place here. From Foot golf to kick pool, A giant inflatable kick darts set up (which is SO much fun!) as well as beautiful bar area, its the perfect place to spend a Summers day out with the family. Here are a few of my favourites.


Jaime & Amelia – A ‘Mummy and me’ mini- session.


The woodlands close to my house, is a place very close to my heart. Its old and overgrown, but somewhere you can run free amongst the grasses. Its also one of my favourite places to have a session, mainly because I just know its so well.  I loved the natural, cloudy and atmospheric backdrop for this rather special ‘mummy and me’ shoot, though the star of the whole show was of course little Amelia and her gorgeous blue eyes!


Heidi & Felicity – A summers afternoon at brockholes.


My very first ‘non practice’ trip out on a location shoot included my best friend Alex and her beautiful two girls Heidi & felicity. It was the beginning of summer and we enjoyed a beautiful  day in one of my absolute favourite places to shoot -Brockholes nature reserve. I was lucky for this session, because both girls know me, they where almost instantly comfortable for me to be following their day out, which meant of course I got to capture the very best of their personalities as they explored our incredible natural surroundings. Both girls behaved so well! And it’s still one of my favourite sessions a few months on!