Sarah, Lewis, Joe & poppy – A family session at Brockholes.


On Saturday afternoon, I met up with Sarah (my competition winner) and her lovely family at Brockholes for the last family session of the Sumer. It was scheduled to rain for most of the day, but after a little gentle praying to Mother Nature it turned out be a beautiful sunny day. I absolutely loved this session, for so many reasons. It was set in one of my favourite places to shoot, everyone was so relaxed and Joe was an absolute little superstar through the whole thing! I was delighted to hear afterwards that he loved our session so much, he wanted to go back with “the lady with the camera”. Thank you so much Sarah & Lewis. I’m so glad you love your photographs as much as do.


Last day of the Summer holidays.


So, Monday morning started pretty slow. I made croissants and tea, we sat at the kitchen table with the radio on, just enjoying that last morning of relaxation before the school year restarted. I headed off to a session for a little while, leaving the girls playing, before we spent the afternoon at the Trafford centre. I’d been promising the girls for ages that we’d go to the build a bear workshop there, and as I only passed my driving test a couple of months ago, I hadn’t quite yet built up the courage for a long drive on the motorway. However after our summer glamping, Im not really that scared of being on there anymore! so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get up there. The girls were so excited to pick their new cuddly best friends, and I have to say the whole experience was pretty heart warming. The staff there are so great with the kids, they are really involved with the whole process of building their bear. From peddling the stuffing in, to kissing their heart before its placed inside the bear, even to naming and creating a birth certificate for their new friend. It was lovely! The plan is to take them back at then end of each half term, if they have been given a good report, they get to choose a new accessory. win-win.

So, after that little adventure, we had a stroll, went to the food court for lunch, before rocking home to get their school uniforms named and set out. It really was a lovely way to spend the last day of the holidays.

Maz’s cake hut – Commercial photography.

Late last week, I headed over to the lovely Maz’s (Of Maz’s Cake Hut and The Baking Mumma) I took round my full set up and we planned to take lots of shots to help start her catalog of cake collection. She worked tirelessly last week to have all of her bakes ready for our shoot, and I think you’ll agree they look AMAZING! She really is so talented, and the nicest person! It was a pleasure to help her with her commercial photography needs.


A Summer retreat.


I have – rather reluctantly- rejoined society after a couple of really wonderful days away from everything. We’ve had the most relaxing few days at Kings Acre Bell Tents and Campsite The weather was gorgeous, the scenery incredible, and every second of quiet has truly been cherished. Here are my photographs from our wonderful family trip.



Poppy turns 4! – A beach session.


I spent Wednesday morning praying that the grey that covered every inch of the sky would clear off! As luck would have it, by our 11am meeting time, the skies above the beach were blue and crisp!
For this session, I got to meet Little Poppy – who turns four next week- And her big sister Lilly. For this shoot, I wanted a little birthday-ness in there, but ultimately, it was all about embracing the beautiful Summers day by the sea with these two lovely little girls.
As you can tell, Poppy was just made to be by the sea-side, with her golden hair and bright blue eyes, she made my job remarkably easy! Especially seen as my props just didn’t want to play along with that coastal breeze! Massive thank you Laura for letting me take such beautiful photographs of her girls!


Ravenous coffee shop – Commercial photography.

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday morning with Louise (owner of Ravenous coffee shop on Cannon Street.) Her little corner of town is a retreat to say the least. Counters lined with cakes and jars of treats, the scent of freshly brewed coffee and bread rolls fills the air, and a very gentle melody plays in the background. Its the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre. But lets get back to the shoot, Louise worked tirelessly yesterday to produce an array of perfect cakes and mouthwateringly good savoury meals. We had an absolute blast getting these photographs set up and taken. Here is selection of my favourites.


A trip to brockholes.


We finally got some sunshine!  So earlier on this afternoon we headed down to Brockholes Nature Reserve for a much needed run around and some ice cream. Muddy faces and sticky hands all round.

Kobie, Esmae & baby Kayen – A family session in the woods.


Yesterday I got to meet up with one of my oldest friends and her babies for a lovely (yet, slightly wet) mini-shoot. We headed out to the giant woodlands nearby and with the imminent forcast of rain, we set immediately to work. We had such a brilliant afternoon, a lot of catching up, whilst I followed her mini’s round, capturing their little adventure, the excitement was clearly too much for little Kayen, who fell blissfully asleep on our walk back home.


A Summers afternoon at the park.


let them be little.