Mini madams. – Commercial photography.

Last week I headed over to Parr fold park in Manchester, for a very exciting children wear shoot! Its been something hats been planned for a while now, but after finally settling on a date that would work for everyone, we rallied the troops and created our very own photo shoot in the park. Rebecca (owner of Mini-madams) has a very specific taste, and she had a very specific vibe she wanted from her photographs. In our pre-session meeting, she described her vision of her brand as being like the old weathers original advert. You know the little girl in the old fashioned sweet shop? I absolutely knew what she meant straight away! Mini madams is described as being traditional, not in the over the top sense we’re used to seeing when we read that word, but in a much more simplistic way. The children’s clothes and accessories she sources are so authentic, its very 30’s,  very Shirley Hughes, the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Knee high socks and bonnets. Gorgeous dresses and knitwear. It was an absolute pleasure to help Rebecca bring her vision to life, though I can assure you we’re not done yet.

You can shop Mini madams Here, or head over to her Facebook or Instagram page.